Cheap holiday to Iceland

Cheap holiday to Iceland

Cheap holiday to Iceland

Do you want to explore the magnificent beauty of Iceland while still saving a few bucks? Look no further! With this blog, you’ll learn how to plan a cheap holiday in the beautiful country of Iceland. So, come along and let’s get started on your budget-friendly Icelandic adventure!

Introduction to Iceland

Iceland is a fascinating destination full of surprises and breathtaking natural beauty. With a population of only 330,000, the country has some astounding landscapes, including majestic mountains and volcanic craters, huge glaciers ranging from the second largest in Europe to the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. The capital city, Reykjavik, offers a vibrant atmosphere featuring great dining and shopping opportunities as well as some delightful attractions such as the Harpa Concert Hall. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure sports such as surfing, skiing and mountain biking.

Getting to Iceland is relatively easy with numerous affordable flights from North America and Europe arriving regularly at Keflavik Airport. Accommodations and activities can also be found at competitive prices meaning that your dream holiday to this enchanting country does not have to break the bank!

Reasons to Visit Iceland

Iceland has become a sought-after destination for its dramatic landscapes, geothermal features, and colorful culture. With affordable flights and accommodations, the country is an ideal destination for those looking to experience something other than the traditional beach holiday. Here are a few reasons why Iceland should be at the top of your travel list:

• Awe-inspiring Landscapes: Iceland is home to some of the most stunning natural wonders on earth. From snow-covered mountains, black sand beaches and powerful waterfalls to geothermal hot springs and glaciers, there is no shortage of jaw-dropping scenery throughout the country.

• Unique Culture: Icelanders are proud of their unique culture and rich history. This can be seen in everything from music, arts and literature to food, architecture and local customs. Visiting a museum or taking in a traditional show can give you a glimpse into Icelanders’ ancient roots and how they live today.

• World-Class Cuisine: Icelandic locally-sourced ingredients like lamb, seafood and seasonal vegetables combined with modern cooking techniques create world class cuisine that everyone should experience at least once!

• Adventure Opportunities: From glacier trekking and whale watching to horseback riding or winter activities like snowmobiling or skiing, Iceland has plenty of outdoor adventure opportunities that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

• Affordable Luxury: While there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in luxury activities while exploring this magical country, there are also many cheap but impactful experiences like public thermal baths or off-the-beaten path hikes that offer crisp air and incredible views for almost no cost at all!

Planning Your Trip

Before you set off on your Icelandic adventure, there are a few things you should consider while planning your trip. From booking flights and hotels to making sure you have the right clothing and equipment, Iceland is a unique destination and it pays to be prepared.

Flights: Depending on the time of year and the duration of your stay, check different airlines for flights from both in-country and international locations. Some budget carriers offer great deals at certain times of the year, so be sure to book your tickets well in advance for maximum savings.

Hotels: Accommodation options can range from hostels and guesthouses to luxury boutique hotels, but many visitors opt for a combination of both during their stay. There are also plenty of camping options in Iceland; however, if you plan on roughing it out in the wilds we recommend doing considerable research beforehand as conditions can be rugged.

Travel Clothing: Iceland has wide temperature variations depending on the season so make sure to check current weather reports when packing clothing. Generally speaking, dress as if you’re heading on an extended hiking trip — remember waterproof jackets and boots! Bring several layers that allow for easy peeling off or adding in order to deal with Iceland’s unpredictable weather changes.

Equipment: If planning any outdoor activities such as hiking or sightseeing then don’t forget to pack appropriate equipment such as trekking poles, a compass/GPS device (in case you get lost!), water purifying tablets/filter (for safety), a certified first aid kit etc.

Finding Cheap Accommodation

Finding affordable accommodation in Iceland can be a challenge, especially during peak seasons such as summer and Christmas. However, with careful planning and some effort, you can still secure a good deal that won’t break the bank.

Firstly, it’s important to be flexible with your travel dates as prices change considerably depending on the time of year; if you are willing to travel outside of peak times then you can get better deals. Secondly, think about travelling in an RV or camping; this is a great way to explore the country and accommodation costs are significantly lower compared to hotels or guesthouses.

Finally, try visiting websites like Airbnb and for great last-minute deals on apartments and guesthouses – these websites often offer special discounts or promotions which make them an attractive option for budget-conscious travellers. Additionally, almost every town in Iceland has its own visitor centre offering information about local accommodations at reasonable prices – from camping sites to self-catering cottages – so check it out if you are struggling with finding cheap places!

Exploring Iceland’s Natural Wonders

One of the most awe-inspiring sights in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon, an otherworldly mineral-rich lake that’s located between two lava flows. Whether soaking in its thermal waters or taking a stroll along its rugged shoreline, visitors are sure to be captivated by this unique geological wonder.

Iceland is home to several active volcanoes including Hekla, Eldfell and Katla, which is located beneath the glacier Mýrdalsjökull. Visiting these majestic sites can truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Helicopter tours are also a great way to explore Iceland’s unique landscape — soaring above the rugged terrain of this isolated island offers breathtaking views of its snow-capped peaks, plateaus and rolling hills.

Another must-see natural landmark in Iceland is Svartifoss waterfall — located within Vatnajokull National Park — which features basalt columns that are said to resemble organ pipes cascading into a glacial lagoon below. When you visit Svartifoss, be sure to take the scenic trail up to Sólheimasandur Beach for some spectacularly serene views of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Whether making your way through mountain passes or strolling along hidden trails among misty fjords, Iceland truly has something for everyone when it comes to exploring its natural wonders. The beauty of this wild destination can satisfy even the most adventurous travelers.

Experiencing Icelandic Culture

Iceland is the perfect destination for travelers who enjoy experiencing local culture. From the moment you touch down, take a look around and you will be immersed into the unique culture of this Scandinavian nation. The people of Iceland have strong ties with nature and proudly share their traditional culture with visitors to the country.

One of the most appreciated aspects of this cultural experience involves Iceland’s culinary scene. Icelandic cuisine has undergone a major makeover in recent years, incorporating various influences from neighboring countries and continents. Sample such dishes as skyr (a yoghurt-like dish made with milk curdled with whey); hákarl (fermented shark); plokkfiskur (fish in white sauce); hangikjöt (smoked lamb); or kleinur (twisted doughnut). There are plenty of local treats to try for those who wish to get a taste for authentic Icelandic cuisine.

Another great way to experience traditional Icelandic culture is by visiting some of its many attractions and landmarks that showcase the country’s history and heritage, such as Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall, ReykjavíK City Hall, Halgrimskirkja Church or even spotting one of the stunning whales within ReykjavíK’s harbor. Additionally there are many festivals that occur throughout the year that honor different aspects of heritage such as art and film; music; food; Viking culture; literature; sports etc., allowing visitors to jump right into existing activities when they take a holiday in Iceland.

Budget-Friendly Activities

Iceland is a country of spectacular natural beauty, rugged mountain peaks, and beautiful glaciers. Whether you want to explore the countryside on foot or take in the dramatic views from cooking geysers, there are plenty of budget-friendly activities and attractions to enjoy in Iceland.

One of the most cost-effective ways to see the country is with a self-drive holiday – you can easily rent a car or campervan for your trip. This gives you the freedom to explore, without needing to book into expensive tours and organized excursions. Reykjavik is one of the most affordable places to get around on foot or bike – not only will it save you money but it’s also an eco-friendly way to see the city. If you’re feeling up for an adventure then check out some of the popular trails such as Landmannalaugar or Laugavegur – both hikes offer unbelievable views at very low costs.

You could also take advantage of cheaper activities such as visiting farmers markets, checking out local music venues and enjoying free art galleries. The internet is full of resourceful sites that offer free walking tours that focus on history, architecture and local culture. Another option would be renting kayaks or paddleboards at a nearby beach – this is an affordable way to enjoy Iceland’s impressive coastline scenery while simultaneously getting some exercise in! Finally, don’t forget outdoor movies throughout Reykjavik – these are perfect if you’re looking for an evening’s entertainment without breaking your budget!

Final Tips for a Cheap Holiday to Iceland

Though Iceland is an overall expensive destination, you can follow some tips to help you save more money than what you would at the usual locations. While it may sound impossible, it is possible to save money on a holiday to Iceland if you plan ahead and use these helpful tips:

1. Travel off-peak – By traveling outside of peak summer season (usually from June till August), you can save up to 40% on flights and accommodations without jeopardizing the quality of your holiday. Plus, you will also avoid the touristy swarms in June – August.

2. Avoid convenience fees – Avoid any convenience fees or airport taxes when purchasing your tickets. Research especially third party agents who add airport taxes and additional fees while booking tickets on their website; you’ll be surprised!

3. Buy Groceries and Cook your Own Meals – Don’t be worried about dining out every night as food in Iceland is very expensive! Instead, buy groceries from local supermarkets and cook at home with airbnb facilities – that can save up to 30%- 40% of your budget for sure!

4. Choose Alternative Accommodation Options – Rather than booking costlier hotel rooms, try choosing alternative accommodation options like Airbnb which is much cheaper and with better facilities as compared to hotel rooms in Iceland or hostels which provide shared dorms too along with other services like free breakfast etc., even sometimes free laundry too!

5. Plan a Cheaper Itinerary in Advance – Planning your itinerary ahead will make sure that most important sites are included while ditching all those unnecessary attractions that blow up budgets like crazy (e.g.: Blue Lagoon). Also make sure that the sites past Reykjavik city don’t incur excessive transport costs or rental costs due to its wide reach over national parks etc.,

6. Use Free Wi-fi Everywhere Available – Free wi-fi hotspots are everywhere in Iceland – makes sure not using any data roaming facility on your smartphone but relying only on these internet access points available throughout the country as data roaming charges can make a big hole in one’s pocket!.

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