France Beach Holidays: Sun, Sea and Serenity

France, known for its scenic beauty, rich culture and delectable cuisine, is also gifted with an extensive coastline that draws a legion of tourists every year. From the glamorous beaches of Nice and Cannes to the quiet coves of Corsica and Brittany, France offers an array of vacation destinations that cater to all kinds of travellers. Here’s a guide to France’s most popular beachside retreats that will ensure an idyllic summer getaway.

The Mediterranean Coast

The Mediterranean coast remains the most popular region for beach holidays in France, especially for those who seek a luxurious experience. The azure sea and sandy beaches of the French Riviera are punctuated by small towns that exude a chic and effervescent atmosphere. Nice, France’s fifth-largest city, offers a blend of history and modernity, with its picturesque old town, bustling markets, art museums, and stylish promenade des Anglais. Cannes, a town synonymous with luxury and glamour, has a splendid backdrop of hills and offers chic boutiques, renowned palaces and gourmet restaurants. Saint-Tropez, located on the Côte d’Azur, is a small fishing port that has acquired a reputation as an exclusive holiday destination for the wealthy, with its trendy seafront restaurants, high-end fashion boutiques and nightclubs.


Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean Sea, boasts an abundance of sandy beaches and turquoise waters with fine weather from May to October. It’s a rugged yet splendidly beautiful island with colourful hilltop villages, dense forests, and a tremendous coastline that offers a mix of secluded bays and bustling resorts. Ajaccio, the birthplace of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, is the island’s capital and main city, with a lively port and a long, elegant seafront.


Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, offers a coastline that is rugged and wild, with rocky cliffs, rolling waves, and charming fishing villages. The panoramic views of the sea and its landscape can be admired from the many walking trails, biking routes, or lighthouses. Saint-Malo, a walled city dating back to the Middle Ages, is Brittany’s most popular destination with its bustling port, stunning beach, and rich history. Brest, the second-largest city in Brittany, is an attractive harbour town with a long maritime history, numerous cultural venues and a selection of seafood restaurants.


Q. When is the best time to visit the French beaches?

A. The best time to visit the beaches of France is from June through September when the weather is warm and sunny, especially along the Mediterranean coast. Avoid August as this is the peak tourist season, and the beaches can be overcrowded.

Q. Do I need to speak French to travel to France?

A. Though French is the official language of France, you will find many locals and service staff who speak English, especially in popular tourist areas.

Q. What is the dress code for the beaches in France?

A. French beaches do not have any specific dress codes, but it is highly recommended to respect the local culture and adopt a modest dress code that covers most of the body areas.

Q. Are the beaches in France clean and safe?

A. France has a high safety standard and stringent hygiene regulations, and hence the beaches are clean and safe for tourists. However, always follow safety guidelines such as avoiding swimming in rough seas and keeping an eye on children.

Q. What is the currency used in France?

A. France is a part of the European Union, and the official currency is Euro.

In conclusion, France’s beach holidays are not only refreshing but also offer a range of historic and cultural experiences. From the chic and luxurious Riviera to the wild and rugged coast of Brittany, the beaches of France has many gems waiting to be discovered. So, pack your swimsuits, sunscreen, and your sense of adventure to embark on an unforgettable summer holiday in France.

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