Cheap holiday destinations in Europe

Cheap holiday destinations in Europe


Are you looking for a wallet-friendly getaway to an exotic European destination? Look no further! We’ve compiled some of the top vacation spots in Europe that won’t break the bank. From stunning beaches to quaint mountain towns, there’s something for every traveler’s budget. So pack your bags and come along with us on this amazing journey in discovering cheap holiday destinations in Europe.


The notion of affordably travelling to Europe is not a distant dream anymore, with the numerous budget-friendly holiday destinations available. Whether looking for sun-soaked Mediterranean beaches, majestic mountain peaks or a combination of both, Europe has something perfect to offer every type of traveler. From the rugged coasts and islands of Greece to the stunning alpine peaks in Switzerland and charming cobblestone streets in Italy, budget travellers no longer have to miss out on unforgettable experiences in Europe.

Apart from getting cheaper deals while booking flights and stays, there are more ways than ever to cut down on expenses during a holiday in Europe. Read ahead for some easy tips on stretching your funds before visiting any European destination.

In this article we’ll be exploring eight of the best cheap holiday destinations in Europe so you get great value for your money; all backed by beautiful sightseeing opportunities and plenty of things to do.

Benefits of a Cheap Holiday in Europe

Holidaying in Europe can be an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re seeking sun-soaked beach resorts, ancient cities and monuments or towering mountains, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the old continent has more cheap holiday destinations than almost anywhere else.

Those searching for an inexpensive trip may be thrilled to discover that many of the European countries offer relatively low-cost vacation packages. Accommodation and food are generally inexpensive, so even an extensive itinerary won’t break the bank. It’s often possible to find flights from low-cost carriers offering important discounts on ticket prices.

Choosing an affordable holiday destination means that more of your money can go towards experiences – such as tasting local delicacies or enjoying a performance at a unique theater – instead of simply covering basic travel costs. And with lots of cities providing comprehensive public transport networks, exploring new areas is usually fast and easy.

In addition to often being priced attractively, socio-economic stability and cultural diversity are key aspects of many European countries that make them ideal budget options. Visitors can count on strong infrastructure that supports convenient mobility within destinations; wide acceptance of debit/credit cards; and security provided by governments highly invested in public safety protocols.

Ultimately, when thinking about taking a holiday in Europe with a limited budget, there is no shortage of great options to choose from depending on what you need from your trip – such as beach life versus city exploration; culture versus scenery; adventure versus relaxation – allowing travelers to experience the continent without straining their wallets (or overstepping their spending limits!)

Popular Cheap Holiday Destinations in Europe

Europe can be an expensive place to visit, but there are ways to keep costs down. From hostels and budget hotels in small picturesque towns, to camping sites in national parks and low-cost flights, it is possible to have a fantastic holiday experience without breaking the bank. Take a look at some of the most popular budget destinations Europe has to offer.

Central/Eastern Europe:
-Poland: Poland is known for its historically rich cities, such as Krakow, Gdansk and Wroclaw. All of these cities offer some great attractions, as well as a wide range of discount accommodation options.
-Lithuania: Lithuania is becoming increasingly popular with travellers on a budget due to its lively cities and off-the-beaten track countryside. Avils and Vilnius are particularly beautiful and accessible for tourists on low budgets.

Balkan countries still relatively inexpensive:
-Croatia: Croatia has something for everyone – from stunning coastal towns such as Dubrovnik or Split, to hilltop villages like Trogir or Porec – with prices that make it even more appealing!
-Serbia: One of the lesser known countries in Europe – Serbia offers everything from bustling cities like Belgrade or Novi Sad, with their mixture of cultures plus trendy cafes and bars; right through to national parks and beautiful nature reserves brimming with wildlife.

Scandinavian countries where you can save money if you plan ahead wisely (excluding Norway):
-Sweden: Sweden is home to plenty of natural beauty including Stockholm’s old city centre plus stunning landscapes waiting to be discovered away from tourist hotspots. With lots of low budget accommodation options also available – Sweden really can be an affordable holiday destination if you know where (and when)to look!
-Denmark: Denmark’s capital Copenhagen has plenty of free attractions like its gardens & parks or sightseeing trips around the city – whilst other regions such as West coast Jutland offer pretty beaches & many cheap camping sites perfect for backpackers looking for a nature escape in cooler European climates!

Accommodation Options for Cheap Holidays in Europe

When travelling on a budget, finding cheap accommodations in Europe is essential. Fortunately, there is a wide range of accommodation options available, enabling visitors to break their journey and stay at the destination of their choice. Here are some ideas to help you find the ideal place to stay during your holiday in Europe:

Hostels: Hostels offer economical accommodation for budget travellers and are particularly useful for dormitory beds, which tend to be far cheaper than hotel rooms. They provide convenient, clean and safe budget accommodation for singles, couples or groups of friends. Most hostels have basic facilities like shared bathrooms and kitchens that can be used by guests.

Camping sites: Camping sites are another great option if you’re looking for an affordable accommodation option while travelling around Europe. Prices vary greatly between countries and regions but most camping-site fees tend to be quite low compared to hotels or hostels. Also keep in mind that some camping-sites offer discounts for longer stays.

B&Bs/Guesthouses: Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs) or guesthouses provide cheaper hotel alternative with fewer amenities than regular hotels but more comfortable lodging than hostels or camping-sites. Most B&Bs include breakfast in their room rates so you can save on food costs as well.

Apartments/Holiday Homes: Serviced apartments or holiday homes are perfect for longer stays because they offer more space, comfort and privacy than other types of accommodations such as hotels, hostels or campsites. Although this type of lodgings tend to be more expensive than other forms of bed & breakfast establishments they usually work out cheaper if you’re staying in one place for a long period of time or have a large group travelling together since everyone can share the cost equally amongst themselves.

Transportation Options for Cheap Holidays in Europe

Getting around Europe on a budget can be done easily with the right planning, research and foresight. To get the most out of your holiday in Europe, it pays to examine different transportation methods thoroughly and compare cost versus convenience.

A good way to save money while travelling is to make use of low-cost carriers such as Ryanair and Wizz Air, which have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Their flights tend to be cheaper than traditional airlines due to the fact they offer fewer services than most airlines, so bear that in mind when making your decision.

Other budget-friendly transport options include intercity coaches, car rentals and rail passes, which often vary according to age group or period of stay; Eurail and Interrail are great for longer trips as they usually allow for unlimited travel throughout many European countries.

Another option is travelling by boat — cross channel ferries like Stena Line or DFDS Seaways offer regular journeys across some major sea routes – these journeys may take longer but can be considerably cheaper when compared with short plane trips or other transportation methods.

Finally, remember that travelling on foot or by bike is often free (and healthy!). Looking for an affordable holiday destination that can be explored on foot? Consider Spain’s Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route – a 780 km walk through some of Spain’s most amazing scenery.

Sightseeing and Activities for Cheap Holidays in Europe

An ideal vacation away from home doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of cheap holiday destinations in Europe where you can explore and experience a different culture for an affordable price.

Sightseeing is usually one of the best parts of a cheap holiday in Europe and there are lots of exciting things to see, even on a budget. Most cities will have some kind of free sightseeing options such as street art or parks, while many museums offer discounted or free entry. Planning out your daily activities in advance can help you find discounts or free days that you might not have known about otherwise.

When it comes to activities, there are lots of fun ways to enjoy a cheap holiday in Europe without breaking the bank. Try out some local food markets for fresh ingredients and tasty treats, visit local tourist spots for amazing views and snap up some souvenirs along the way—all on a budget! A great way to make sure you don’t miss out on any experiences is to book tickets ahead of time so that you can take advantage of discounts.

A cheap holiday in Europe doesn’t have to mean skimping on accommodation either; there are plenty of budget-friendly options like hostels and Airbnb rentals where you can still get comfortable rooms at an affordable price. And don’t forget that many European cities offer free walking tours too! So make sure to look around when planning your trip so that you don’t end up overspending just because it was summertime in Europe!

Tips for Planning Cheap Holidays in Europe

Exploring Europe on a budget can be overwhelming, even for seasoned travelers. For those looking to plan cheap trips to Europe, there are many steps you can take to ensure you are getting the most out of your vacation. Research is key when planning a holiday. Finding the perfect destination that is both affordable and exciting is just the first step to creating a memorable trip.

When researching potential destinations in Europe, make sure to look for any discounts or specials that may be available. Travelers should consider booking accommodations during off-peak times, since flights and hotels will often discount their prices in order to fill empty rooms. Additionally, many attractions offer discounted tickets for students, seniors and families.

Budget travelers should also consider taking public transportation or carpooling instead of renting vehicles or hailing taxis while abroad. Many cities also offer free or discounted walks that allow visitors to explore their cities on foot and get a sense of place at no extra cost!

For maximum savings it’s best to plan your holiday in advance and compare prices of flights between multiple destinations and airlines in order to find the best deal possible. Additionally, research what attractions are free or low cost before embarking on your journey – this will help with budgeting expenses throughout the duration of the trip, ensuring you make the most out of your holiday without breaking the bank!


Europe is home to some of the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations and many of these destinations offer great value for money. Whether you’re looking for affordable city breaks, beach destinations or picturesque rural villages, Europe has something to suit every budget.

For those seeking a cheap holiday, here are some popular and great-value European destinations: Croatia, Holy See (Vatican City), Malta, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland and Hungary are all popular choices for budget travellers. Czech Republic is another excellent option with Prague renowned as a top tourist destination that won’t break the bank.

In addition to these cities and countries, there are countless other villages and small towns in Europe where you can find cheap holiday deals. From wine tasting and hiking in the Italian hill country to renting an idyllic cottage in the Swedish countryside – Europe is full of treasures ideal for budget-conscious travellers who seek city culture or adventure outdoors without spending a fortune! Another great option is to explore our Best beach holidays in France article in discovering Cheap holiday destinations in Europe.

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