Exploring Greece with Kids: The Best Family Resorts to Stay At

If you’re looking for a vacation destination that offers sun, sea, and history, then Greece is the perfect place for your family. Greece has an abundance of activities, cultural landmarks, and beachside resorts to cater to the needs of everyone.

Greece boasts of magnificent architecture, captivating mythologies, flavorsome cuisine, and picturesque landscapes that all work together to provide a unique family vacation experience.

So, if you’re ready to explore Greece, then read on for the top family-friendly resorts and the most popular tourist attractions your kids would love to see!

Best Family Resorts to Stay At in Greece
1. Costa Navarino
Located in the Peloponnese, Costa Navarino is a family-friendly hotel that offers activities for all ages. The expansive resort boasts two signature golf courses, a kids’ club, an array of sports facilities, and a water park.

2. Sani Resort
Located on the Halkidiki peninsula, Sani Resort is a world-class luxury resort with five distinct hotels. The resort offers activities such as water sports, a kids’ club, and a range of dining experiences for the whole family.

3. Ikos Resorts
The Ikos Resorts chain has four hotels located in Greece, each with their unique features. The kids’ clubs, spa & wellness services, and sports activities make them perfect for family vacations.

4. Domes of Elounda
Located on the island of Crete, the Domes of Elounda is a luxurious resort that caters to the needs of families with children. The resort has an array of kid-friendly activities such as a kids’ club, water sports, and a private beach.

5. Grecotel Resorts
The Grecotel resort chain has properties located in some of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations such as Crete, Rhodes, and Corfu. The resorts offer a range of amenities suited for kids, such as kids’ play areas, pools, and sports facilities.

1. Is Greece a family-friendly country?
Yes, Greece is an excellent destination for families with children. The country has kid-friendly activities and attractions, family-oriented resorts, and the locals are welcoming and accommodating towards families.

2. What is the best time to visit Greece with kids?
The best time to visit Greece with children is during the summer months, from June to September. The weather is warm, and the sea is suitable for swimming and water sports.

3. Are there kid-friendly beaches in Greece?
Yes, there are numerous kid-friendly beaches in Greece. Most of the resorts and coastal towns have beaches with shallow waters, making them ideal for kids to play and swim.

4. What are the kid-friendly activities in Greece?
There are endless kid-friendly activities in Greece, from boat trips and water sports to visiting archaeological sites and museums. The resorts also offer their activities, such as kids’ clubs, sports facilities, and entertainment.

5. Is it safe to travel with kids in Greece?
Yes, Greece is a safe country to travel in, and families with children need not worry about their safety while traveling.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Greece to Explore with Kids
1. Acropolis in Athens – A fascinating and awe-inspiring monument that every kid must see.
2. Plaka Neighborhood, Athens – A beautiful area in Athens with traditional buildings and shops.
3. The Palace of Knossos on Crete – The ruins of an ancient city from the Minoan civilization.
4. Delphi Archaeological Site – One of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece.
5. Mythos World Theme Park, Thessaloniki – A fun kid-friendly park that showcases Greek mythology.
6. Waterpark, Corfu – Enjoy water adventures and slides at one of the biggest water parks in Europe.
7. The Windmills of Mykonos – Iconic structures on a beautiful island.
8. Rhodes Old Town – A charming town with medieval architecture and a beautiful harbor.
9. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos – A beautiful beach with clear blue waters and a picturesque shipwreck.
10. Santorini Island – A beautiful island with stunning vistas and beautiful beaches.

In conclusion, Greece is a perfect destination for a family vacation, with its beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and mouth-watering cuisine. Choose one of the resorts mentioned above, and explore the country with your kids. Be sure to visit some of the tourist attractions listed above and create unforgettable memories with your family.

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