Not Worth the Hype: The Most Disappointing Crete Resorts

Crete is an island in the Aegean Sea known for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and charming towns. It has long been a popular destination for tourists looking for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. However, not all resorts on the island live up to the hype. Some are disappointing, with poor amenities, unappealing surroundings, and lackluster service. In this article, we will discuss the most disappointing Crete resorts, and give recommendations on better alternatives for travelers.

Most disappointing Crete resorts

1. Malia

Malia is a resort town on the island’s northern coast, known for its lively nightlife and teenage parties. It is popular with young people looking for a wild weekend, but not recommended for families or travelers seeking a quiet escape. The town can be loud, dirty, and crowded, with low-quality accommodations.

2. Hersonissos

Hersonissos is another popular destination on the northern coast, with a long strip of hotels, bars, and restaurants. While it has some beautiful beaches, the town is overrun with tourists and has lost its authentic charm. The accommodations here are often overpriced and underwhelming.

3. Agia Pelagia

Agia Pelagia is a small village on the island’s western side, popular for its sheltered bay and clear waters. However, it is not worth visiting for the beach alone, as the village is too quiet and lacks activities and entertainment options. Travelers may find themselves bored here, with a limited selection of restaurants and shops.

4. Stalis

Stalis is a resort town between Malia and Hersonissos, with a long sandy beach and blue sea. However, it is overcrowded with tourists, and the hotels and restaurants are unimpressive. Visitors may also find it challenging to navigate the narrow roads and find parking during the peak season.

5. Gouves

Gouves is a coastal village on the northeastern side of Crete, known for its relaxed atmosphere, but has little to offer compared to other destinations on the island. The accommodations are average, and the beach is narrow and rocky.


Q. Which area of Crete is best to stay in?

A. The best areas to stay in Crete depends on what you’re looking for. For lively nightlife, choose Hersonissos or Malia. For family-friendly activities, choose villages like Sissi or Elounda. For a more relaxed atmosphere, choose villages like Bali or Agia Galini.

Q. What activities are there to do in Crete?

A. Crete has a range of activities to suit all interests, including exploring ancient ruins, hiking in the mountains, taking boat trips to nearby islands, and trying traditional Greek cuisine.

Q. When is the best time to visit Crete?

A. The best time to visit Crete is from May to September, when the weather is warm and sunny. However, be prepared for crowds during the peak season (July and August). If you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting in September or October.

Top 10 tourist attractions in not worth the hype: the most disappointing Crete resorts

1. Knossos Archaeological Site

The Knossos Archaeological Site is located just outside the town of Heraklion and is the largest and most significant Minoan palace on the island. The ruins are well-preserved, and visitors can see the remains of the elaborate frescoes, courtyards, and rooms.

2. Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is a natural wonder on the island and is the longest and most significant gorge in Europe. Visitors can hike the trail that runs through the gorge and admire the beautiful scenery and wildlife along the way.

3. Spinalonga Island

Spinalonga Island is a small island off the coast of Crete, known for its Venetian fortress and leprosy colony. Visitors can take a boat trip to the island and explore the ruins and beautiful coastal views.

4. Loutro

Loutro is a small fishing village on the southwestern side of Crete, accessible only by boat. The village is beautiful and unspoiled, with white-washed houses, narrow streets, and turquoise waters.

5. Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach is a stunning pink sand beach on the southwestern side of the island, famous for its clear waters and pink-hued sand. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a must-visit destination.

6. Chania Town

Chania Town is a charming town on the northwestern side of Crete, known for its beautiful architecture, narrow streets, and Venetian harbor. It is a great place to explore the local culture and history.

7. The Palace of Phaistos

The Palace of Phaistos is an ancient Minoan palace located south of Heraklion. The ruins are well-preserved, and visitors can see the remains of the palace and the beautiful courtyards and frescoes.

8. Ierapetra

Ierapetra is a coastal town on the southeastern side of the island, known for its beautiful beaches and clear waters. It is one of the quieter destinations on the island, with a relaxed atmosphere and authentic Greek culture.

9. Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is a picturesque town on the northwestern side of Crete, known for its beautiful lake, charming harbor, and vibrant nightlife. It is a great place to explore the local culture and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

10. Paleochora

Paleochora is a small town on the southwestern side of Crete, known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and hiking trails. It is a great place to escape the crowds and enjoy the island’s natural beauty.


While Crete has many beautiful resorts and destinations, some are not worth the hype. Travelers should be cautious when choosing accommodations and ensure that they research the reviews and recommendations before booking. By avoiding the most disappointing Crete resorts and exploring the island’s top attractions, visitors can enjoy a memorable and enjoyable holiday on this beautiful island.

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