Relax and Recharge – A Corfu Holiday Experience

Corfu is a beautiful destination in Greece that offers an amazing location to relax and recharge for the perfect holiday experience. The island is blessed with a pleasant climate, incredible beaches, lush greenery, and plenty of historical attractions. The perfect combination of restful nature, local traditions, and upbeat activities cumulates to create a vacation that rejuvenates both, the body and soul.

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and unwind in a peaceful, idyllic destination, then Corfu is the perfect place for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the Relax and Recharge – A Corfu Holiday Experience.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Corfu would be from May to June and September to October as the weather during these months is quite pleasant with warm days and cool nights. Additionally, it would be an ideal time to avoid the crowds and experience the natural beauty of the island.

How to get there

Corfu is well connected to major cities in Greece and other European countries, having daily direct flights from most of them. Alternatively, visitors can opt for a ferry ride from various destinations around Greece or the Italian mainland.

Where to stay

The Relax and Recharge – A Corfu Holiday Experience offers a range of accommodations to suit various preferences and budgets. Be it luxury resorts, hotels or private villas, you’ll find it all here. Some popular options include:

1. MarBella Corfu
2. Ikos Dassia
3. Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa
4. Aqualand Resort
5. Mayor Mon Repos Palace

Things to do in Corfu

1. Visit the beaches

One of the best ways to spend your time in Corfu is to visit its beautiful beaches. From the sandy stretches of Glyfada and Agios Gordios to the pebbled beaches of Kassiopi and Paleokastritsa, there’s a beach for everyone.

2. Explore the Old Town

Take a stroll through the charming streets of the Old Town and discover its rich history and culture. The Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is filled with stunning Venetian architecture, museums, and quaint cafes.

3. Visit Achillion Palace

Built-in the 19th century, Achillion Palace is a beautiful palace located on the outskirts of Corfu Town. The palace features stunning architecture and beautiful gardens.

4. Hike in the Corfu Mountains

Corfu is blessed with some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe. Take a hike through the Corfu Mountains and take in the breathtaking views of the island from above.

5. Watch the sunset at Kaiser’s Throne

Located in the village of Pelekas, Kaiser’s Throne offers a beautiful vantage point to view the stunning sunset over the island.

6. Visit the Mon Repos Palace

Located in Corfu Town, Mon Repos Palace is a beautiful neoclassical building that was once a royal palace. The palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a small zoo.

7. Go on a boat tour

Explore the beautiful coastline of Corfu on a boat tour. Discover secluded beaches and coves that can only be reached by boat.

8. Visit the Corfu Museum of Asian Art

The Corfu Museum of Asian Art is a beautiful museum dedicated to Asian culture and art. The museum boasts an impressive collection of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese art.

9. Visit the Canal d’Amour

Located in the village of Sidari, the Canal d’Amour is a beautiful natural formation that has been carved by the sea over thousands of years.

10. Experience traditional Greek cuisine

Corfu is home to some of the best Greek cuisine. Enjoy traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka, souvlaki and delicious seafood delicacies at local tavernas.


Q. What is the currency accepted in Corfu?
A. The currency accepted in Corfu is Euro.

Q. What language is spoken in Corfu?
A. Greek is the official language spoken in Corfu, but English is widely spoken.

Q. Can I use my credit card in Corfu?
A. Yes, credit cards are widely accepted in Corfu, but we recommend carrying some cash for smaller establishments.

Q. Is Corfu an expensive destination?
A. Corfu can be an expensive destination, but there are plenty of affordable options available as well.

Q. What should I wear when visiting Corfu?
A. Dress casually for your trip to Corfu, light and comfortable clothes are recommended, but make sure to dress appropriately when visiting religious sites.

In conclusion, Corfu is a beautiful destination that offers something for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or simply a break from your busy life, the Relax and Recharge – A Corfu Holiday Experience has got you covered. With breathtaking beaches, stunning natural landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage, Corfu is the perfect place to unwind and recharge. Plan your trip to Corfu today and experience the magic of this beautiful island.

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