Sailing Around Crete: Experience the Island’s Natural Beauty from the Sea

Sailing around Crete: Experience the Island’s Natural Beauty from the Sea

Cruises around the Mediterranean are popular, but nothing beats the experience of sailing around Crete. The island is regarded as one of the largest in Greece, blessed with a long coastline, natural beauty and variety of landscapes. Exploring the island from the sea provides a different perspective, allowing visitors to see a side of Crete that few get to experience.

Sailing around Crete provides unique views of both the majestic Teal-blue Cretan Sea and the impressive island coastline, which reveals nature in all its glory. The scattered secluded coves are perfect for lone sails, and the little harbours and fishing villages along the coast all offer something special. Here is why sailing around Crete should be on your travel itinerary.

Nature at its Finest

If you want to experience natural beauty, then sailing around Crete offers an ideal opportunity. The island is home to numerous beaches that look magnificent from the land. However, the scenery from the water is breath-taking, with the vivid blue of the sea contrasting with the golden sand. The natural beauty extends to the islands, tiny coves, and turquoise waters that provide stunning views. The backdrop of barren mountains, rising rock formations, and wildlife on display go to show how pristine the natural environment is.

A Peaceful and Serene Experience

Sailing around Crete offers visitors a tranquil and peaceful experience. The soothing sound of the gentle sea breeze, the feeling of the warm sun, and the sailboat’s gentle motion create a calming atmosphere. This means that one can relax and unwind while catching the panoramic views of the Cretan coastline, all from the safety of a sailboat.

Discover Unknown Beach Coves

One of the perks of sailing around Crete is discovering secluded beach coves you never even knew existed. You get to find islands, little nooks, and crannies that are off the beaten track, and as such, they offer a more private and secluded experience. The rocky coastline and the tiny bays can only be accessed from the sea, making them more elusive and special.

Spectacular Sunsets and Sunrises

Sailing around Crete offers the perfect opportunity to view spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Watching the sun slowly dip into the blue horizon, casting hues of orange, reds and pinks, is an unforgettable experience. Similarly, enjoying the sunrise from the comfort of a sailboat while listening to the gentle sounds of the sea is supremely tranquil.


1) What is the best time to go sailing around Crete?

The best time to sail around Crete is from May to October when the temperature is warm and the climate is excellent.

2) What is the cost of sailing in Crete?

The cost of sailing in Crete varies depending on the type of boat, the season, and the duration. However, visitors can expect to pay around $1500-$3000 per week.

3) Do I need a boating license to sail around Crete?

No license is required to sail in Greece, but most sailboat rental companies will require a sailing certificate or proof of competency.

4) What type of sailboat should I rent?

This will depend on the size of your group, budget, and experience. A skippered sailboat is ideal for beginners, while a bareboat charter is better suited to experienced sailors.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions located in Sailing Around Crete

1) The Minoan Palace of Knossos.
2) The Samaria Gorge National Park.
3) Chania Old Town and Venetian Harbour.
4) The Lasithi Plateau and Dikteon Cave.
5) The Arkadi Monastery.
6) The secluded beach coves of Marathi and Seitan Limania.
7) The uninhabited island of Chrissi.
8) The ancient city of Rethymnon.
9) The Elafonisi beach and lagoon.
10) The White Mountains and Imbros Gorge.

In conclusion, sailing around Crete provides visitors with natural beauty, serene experiences, and secluded beach coves. It is an exciting opportunity to explore the island from a unique perspective and view the spectacular sunsets and sunrises. The top 10 tourist attractions ensure that sailing around Crete provides an entirely wholesome vacation.

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