What day do hotel prices go down?

What Day Do Hotel Prices Go Down?

Are you looking for the best deal on a hotel room? It can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and strategy, you can save a lot of money. In this article, we’ll discuss what day of the week hotel prices go down and how to get the best deal on a hotel room.

When Are Hotel Prices Lowest?

Hotel prices can vary significantly depending on the day of the week. Generally, the best days to book a hotel room are Tuesdays and weekends. On Tuesdays, hotels are more likely to offer discounts and special deals. On weekends, prices are usually lower because there is less demand for hotel rooms.

When Is the Best Time to Book a Hotel Room?

The best time to book a hotel room is usually a few weeks in advance. This gives you time to compare prices and find the best deal. However, if you’re looking for a last-minute deal, you may be able to find a great deal if you book at the last minute.

What About Off-Season Travel?

Off-season travel is a great way to save money on hotel rooms. During the off-season, there is less demand for hotel rooms, so prices are usually lower. This is especially true for popular tourist destinations. If you’re planning a trip to a popular destination, consider traveling during the off-season to get the best deal.

What About Checking In on Friday?

It’s usually best to avoid checking in on Friday if you’re looking for the best deal on a hotel room. Friday is typically the busiest day of the week for hotels, so prices are usually higher. If you can, try to check in on a different day of the week to get the best deal.


Getting the best deal on a hotel room comes down to a few basic rules: Make your bookings on a more favorable day of the week (try Tuesday or the weekend), try for last minute if you can, travel off-season whenever possible, and avoid checking in on Friday. With these tips, you can save a lot of money on your next hotel stay.

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