Cheap holidays in July

cheap holidays in july

cheap holidays in july


Want an inexpensive vacay come July? We hear ya! This blog’s here to help. Read up on tips and tricks to book a budget-friendly holiday. Enjoy the summer without draining your wallet. Let us make your journey unforgettable! Read more to discover cheap holidays in July

  • Tip 1: Research and compare prices.
  • Tip 2: Consider off-peak travel.
  • Tip 3: Look for discounts and deals.
  • Tip 4: Consider alternative accommodations.
  • Tip 5: Make use of public transport.
  • Tip 6: Pack light.
  • Tip 7: Book early.
  • Tip 8: Look for free activities.
  • Tip 9: Bring your own snacks.
  • Tip 10: Shop around for tickets.


Tired of expensive summer holidays? July is the perfect time to get away without breaking the bank. From beaches to forests, cities or secluded retreats – there are plenty of cheap holidays in July! All-inclusive packages, flight deals and low-cost accommodation – it’s possible to plan an unforgettable vacation without burning your wallet.

Check out our guide for tips on where and how to find cheap holidays in July. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save! We’ll show you how to make the most of your budget. Honeymooners or families – everyone will find something here!

Benefits of Taking a Cheap Holiday in July

July is a great month for budget holidays! With longer days, higher temperatures, and lots of activities, it’s a great time to get away. Here are some reasons why you should consider July:

  • Price – Many travel companies offer discounts due to high bookings, so you can find good value packages.
  • Weather – Average daily temperature is over 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit). Perfect for beach holidays or outdoor activities.
  • Celebrations – Many countries come alive during summer with festivals and cultural events. Explore with locals!
  • Travel Tips – Research your destination before you go. Book transportation and accommodation separately to save money.
  • Insurance – Don’t forget coverage. It could save you if something goes wrong.

Popular Destinations for a Cheap Holiday in July

July is the perfect time for summer holidays! Popular destinations all over the world have good weather and long days. But, you need to plan ahead to get a bargain. Here are some great spots to visit in July. Plus, tips on how to save money!

  • Europe – Lots of people travel to Europe in July. It’s close and warm. Spain, Greece, Portugal have stunning scenery and beaches! And there are family resorts with great value packages.
  • Asia – East and SE Asia countries like Thailand and Vietnam have balmy temperatures. Angkor Wat and Chiang Mai temples are fun places to visit. Beach-hopping in Vietnam or Langkawi archipelago in Malaysia is amazing! Budget airlines offer cheap packages.
  • The Caribbean – Barbados has lush countryside. Jamaica and Saint Lucia have laid-back vibes. Explorers can discover historical sights and white sand beaches. Prices are cheaper in July than other times of the year. Look out for hotel deals or cheaper flights if you book early!
  • Central America – Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica have loads of attractions! Rainforests and wildlife. And, colourful local markets full of indigenous character. There’s something to discover on every corner. Get ready for your cheap holiday!

How to Find Affordable Accommodation for a Cheap Holiday in July

When planning a summer holiday in July, many people have a budget to stick to. Finding affordable accommodation doesn’t have to be difficult. With research and planning, great holidays can still be enjoyed without breaking the bank.

Think about staying at budget hotels or hostels instead of expensive resorts. These places usually cater to bargain-hunting travelers, and provide bedding and bathrooms for low prices. It’s not as luxurious, but you’ll save money.

Airbnbs and private guestrooms are also good options. Look out for discounts or promotions that could make the lodgings even cheaper. Many hosts offer discounts for multiple nights.

Finally, don’t forget to check with family members or friends who live in the city. They’ll likely welcome you with open arms and offer their place with no (or minimal) cost in exchange for quality time together!

Planning Ahead to Maximize Savings on a Cheap Holiday in July

Looking for a budget-friendly holiday in July? Do some research! Decide carefully, and you’ll find an amazing destination that won’t break the bank.

Check out popular, cheap destinations by season. Even during summer, there are places that remain budget-friendly and offer plenty of activities. Use airfare comparison sites like Skyscanner or Expedia to compare flight prices and accommodations.

Time your booking to save money. Book flights, rental car services and activities in advance. This can reduce costs!

Longer vacations often come with discounts. Tour companies offer bundles including flights, transfers, and car rentals. Buying the pieces separately usually costs more.

Tips for Saving Money on a Cheap Holiday in July

Planning a low-cost holiday in July can be challenging. Prices tend to go up during the summer season since there’s more demand. However, you can still get great offers with some planning and research.

Think about when you book. Many hotels and tour companies offer discounts at the weekends or during less popular times such as mid-week or outside of school holidays. Also remember that the cost of accommodation changes depending on how many people you’re sharing with. Consider splitting costs between friends and family or travelling as a big group to get cheaper rates in total. Tell travel agents about your budget before booking, so they can give you recommendations.

Look online for deals. Sites like Secret Escapes and Wowcher offer discounted breaks at a small price. But check all conditions before committing to them, as some have hidden charges, fees or restrictions.

Finally, if you have time, develop relationships with local businesses – tour operators and hoteliers. They may alert you to last minute offers only through their communication channels. You might also be able to negotiate discounts if you book directly, instead of through third party online bookings websites.

Activities and Attractions to Enjoy on a Cheap Holiday in July

July is the perfect time for a holiday! From beach-bumming to exploring culture and history, there’s something for everyone.

  • Hit the beach! Find crystal-clear waters along the Mediterranean or head to the black sand Greek beaches of Santorini or Kefalonia.
  • For the adventurers, try rock climbing, rafting, or mountain biking. Europe has plenty of terrains and trails to explore.
  • Explore July’s cultural history by visiting museums and monuments. Travel through ancient ruins like Ephesus or venture into Pánfilo’s Cave near Santander. Wander through centuries-old villages in France and Italy and experience the locals’ love of their culture.

Your cheap holiday in July will be unforgettable!


Don’t stress! You don’t need to break the bank for a summer holiday in July. There are plenty of options for all budgets around the globe. Beach holidays, camping trips, city breaks and cruises – you name it! Whatever you’re looking for – adventure, relaxation, exploration or all three – an affordable holiday awaits you in July.

Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Go on a beach holiday.
  • Go camping.
  • Take a city break.
  • Go on a cruise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is July a good time to find cheap holiday deals?

A: Yes, July can be a great time to find bargain holiday deals, as it is considered off-peak season in some destinations.

Q: Where can I find cheap holiday deals for July?

A: You can find cheap holiday deals for July by checking discount travel websites, subscribing to travel newsletters, and booking well in advance.

Q: Are there any destinations that are specifically affordable in July?

A: Yes, destinations like Greece, Portugal, and Thailand often offer great deals during July, as they are not yet in peak season.

Q: How far in advance should I book a cheap holiday for July?

A: It is recommended to book at least three to four months in advance for the best deals, but it depends on the destination and availability.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to booking a cheap holiday deal in July?

A: Some destinations may experience hotter temperatures or rainy weather during July, and some amenities or attractions may be closed or limited.

Q: Can I still find good quality accommodations with cheap July holiday deals?

A: Yes, it is possible to find good quality accommodations for cheap during July, but it is important to read reviews and research the location before booking.

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