Foodie Guide to Spain: Best Destinations for Spanish Cuisine and Wine Tasting.

Spain is a beautifully vibrant country that embodies lively culture, colorful architecture, and exhilarating cuisine. It is well-known for its immense variety of foods ranging from paella, tapas, churros, to its world-renowned wine. Savoring the gastronomy of Spain is an absolute must-do considering its rich diversity, history, and innovation in cuisine. This article highlights some of the best destinations for Spanish cuisine and wine tasting that every foodie must experience.


Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is a haven for any food lover. Madrid’s culinary scene is known for its simple but elegant flavors and boasts incredible locally-sourced produce. The city is home to some of the best food markets such as Mercado de San Miguel, Mercado de San Antón, and Mercado San Ildefonso, where you can enjoy traditional dishes, like Iberian ham, oxtail stew, cocido madrileño, and bocadillos de calamares. Madrid also offers excellent dining destinations such as DiverXO, Coque, and Zalacain, which are all Michelin star restaurants.


Barcelona, a city that never fails to impress, is another top destination for Spanish cuisine and wine tasting. Catalonian cuisine, which showcases fresh Mediterranean ingredients, is a specialty here. The former food market turned into Mercat de La Boqueria bustling with Barcelona locals savoring the endless tapas options, fresh seafood, and meat is an experience in itself. Dining in restaurants such as Tickets, Disfrutar or Hofmann, will provide you with exceptional gastronomic experiences like no other.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian, situated in the Basque region, is a contented paradise for foodies searching for the most exquisite pintxos. The exceptional culinary scene is influenced by the region’s history and culture. Traditional pintxos like gilda, a combination of olives, anchovies, and guindilla peppers on a toothpick, can be enjoyed in the ‘Casco Viejo’ or old town area, home to some of the best pintxos bars in San Sebastian like Bar Zeruko, La Cuchara de San Telmo, and A Fuego Negro. San Sebastian is also renowned for its Michelin-starred restaurants like Arzak, Mugaritz, and Akelarre.


Seville, the Andalusian capital, is famous for its unique cuisine that combines flavors from Europe, Africa, and the Americas. A must-try is the Sevillian gazpacho, a chilled soup made with tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Other traditional dishes such as rabo de toro, cocido and spinach and chickpeas stew, can be found in restaurants and tapas bars alike. Be sure to visit Sal Gorda, Nazareno, and Cañabota, to experience the best Sevillian food.


Valencia, situated on the eastern coast of Spain, is considered to be the origin of the mouth-watering Spanish dish, paella. Traditional recipes include a variety of meats like chicken, rabbit or duck, and many different types of seafood. Immerse yourself in the traditional Valencian paella experience by booking a table at La Pepica, Casa Carmela or El Perellonet where locals have been savoring the dish for more than a century.


Rioja, the region renowned for its wine, is a beautiful area located in Northern Spain. Rioja’s world-class wines are produced by more than 500 wineries and are known for their bold flavors and complexity. The wine tours in this region are some of the best in the world, featuring a mixture of traditional bodegas and avant-garde wineries. A must-visit bodega is Marqués de Riscal, known for its iconic architecture that sets it apart from other wineries.


1. What is the most popular Spanish dish?

Paella, a rice-based dish that originated in Valencia, is the most popular Spanish dish.

2. What is a pintxo?

A pintxo is a small snack, similar to a tapa, served on a slice of bread, skewer or small plate typically served in the Basque region of Spain.

3. What is the best wine region in Spain?

Rioja is the most famous and largest wine region in Spain, known for its Tempranillo red wine.

4. What is Sevillian gazpacho?

Sevillian gazpacho is a chilled soup made with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and originates from Seville.

5. What is a bodega?

A bodega is a Spanish winery where wine is made and stored.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions located in Foodie Guide to Spain: Best Destinations for Spanish Cuisine and Wine Tasting

1. Gaudi’s Park Güell, Barcelona.

2. La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

3. The Royal Palace, Madrid.

4. The Alhambra, Granada.

5. The Gothic Quarter, Barcelona.

6. The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba.

7. The Prado Museum, Madrid.

8. La Giralda, Seville.

9. El Retiro Park, Madrid.

10. San Lorenzo Market, Seville.

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