The Surprising Facts About Denmark You May Not Know

The Surprising Facts About Denmark You May Not Know

Denmark, a country situated in northern Europe, is widely known for its beautiful scenery, rich history, and unique culture. However, there are certain things about the country that may surprise travelers. Here we have listed some surprising facts about Denmark that may give you a better understanding of the country when you set out on your next adventure.

Surprising Facts About Denmark You May Not Know:

1. Denmark is a small country but has an extensive coastline of over 7000 kilometers running its length. Denmark is surrounded by water on three sides with Kattegat and Skagerrak separating the country from Sweden and Norway.

2. Denmark is officially the happiest country in the world. According to the World Happiness Report, Denmark has been ranked first in six out of the past ten years.

3. Denmark is the world’s biggest producer of wind energy. The country generates 39% of its electricity through wind turbines, making Denmark the world’s leading wind power generator.

4. Denmark has been producing quality beer since the 1840s. The country is home to many popular beer brands like Carlsberg, Tuborg, and Mikkeller, which are enjoyed all over the world.

5. Denmark has a beautiful and diverse range of landscapes, with plenty of natural reserves, including Rold Skov, Mols Bjerge, and Jægersborg Dyrehave. The country’s countryside is also home to beautiful beaches and forests.


Q. What is the currency used in Denmark?

A. The currency used in Denmark is the Danish krone.

Q. What is the official language of Denmark?

A. The official language of Denmark is Danish, but most Danes speak excellent English.

Q. What is the best time to visit Denmark?

A. The best time to visit Denmark is during the summer months between June and August.

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Denmark?

A. It depends on your country of origin. Citizens of the EU do not need a visa, but people from other countries may need one.

Q. What is the time zone in Denmark?

A. Denmark operates in the Central European Time Zone (CET).

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Denmark:

1. Tivoli Gardens: Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. It offers a range of attractions, including roller coasters, live performances, and beautiful gardens.

2. The Little Mermaid: This famous statue in Copenhagen is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale and is a symbol of the city.

3. Legoland Denmark: Legoland is an amusement park that has been specifically designed for children and offers a range of attractions related to Lego.

4. Kronborg Castle: Kronborg Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located in Helsingor. The castle is also associated with Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

5. Dyrehaven: This natural reserve in the suburbs of Copenhagen is a popular spot for picnics, barbecues, and bike riding.

6. The Viking Ship Museum: This museum in Roskilde highlights the Viking history of Denmark and is home to five original Viking ships.

7. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: Located in Humlebaek, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is one of the most popular museums in Denmark and features a range of contemporary artworks.

8. Egeskov Castle: Egeskov Castle is located on the island of Funen and is one of the best-preserved Renaissance water castles in Europe.

9. Aarhus Old Town: Aarhus Old Town is a living museum that replicates the town’s atmosphere from the 1800s.

10. Royal Palace of Amalienborg: The Royal Palace of Amalienborg is the current residence of the Danish Royal Family and is located in central Copenhagen.


Denmark, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and beautiful landscapes, is a destination worth exploring. The country offers a range of attractions, from amusement parks and castles to museums and natural reserves. Despite its small size, Denmark has a lot to offer and offers a unique travel experience that travelers will cherish for a lifetime. Before you set out to explore Denmark, these surprising facts and top 10 tourist attractions should give you a head start on your adventure.

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